At Copeland House we include many handy, sometimes indulgent, but always thoughtful little touches to try and make a difference to your stay.  But this is YOUR getaway so a little extra indulgence may just be in order.  Below are some of our most popular little extras that guests can enjoy.

Luxury Pillow Menu - Complimentary

We want you to go home & say that was the best night's sleep EVER!  For those that sleep on their back or that want to sit up & read or even those that have always wanted to try the pillows from the ad on tv that promises the best nights sleep ever.... we thought we'd let you take your pick.  In your room you will find a menu of luxury pillows to choose from.  High, low, hard, soft, long, bent, with cooling gel pads & space age fillings.... we encourage you to make a selection.

(On Demand)

Enjoy the dark skies of the Barrington Tops

Telescope Views of the Barrington Skies $160

Copeland is home to perfectly dark skies and when they are clear the universe is all yours. Our local astronomer and his humungous telescopes are going to take you on a personal tour of the night sky showing you beautiful star clusters, gas nebulas, planets & the moon so close you can reach out and touch it.  Attach your phone to the scope and capture images of the amazing things you'll see.

(Subject to availability - Recommend booking ASAP)

Book a guided tour of the Mountain Maid Goldmine area during your stay at Copeland House

Guided Tour of Mountain Maid Gold Mine District - From $12pp

Copeland House shares its boundary with the Copeland Tops State Conservation Area and the historic Mountain Maid Gold Mine.  Find our more about the history of mining in the area where these gold-hungry souls toiled.  Walk through historic buildings and get up close and personal with amazing old machinery.  The volunteer guides will help you explore this stunning rainforest environment. A lovely and informative walk where you can truly immerse yourself in the area. A variety of day and evening tours are available to book at National Parks

(Subject to Availability)

Have a pyjama party this weekend at Copeland House

Lets Snuggle S'more! Coming this Winter...

As I said, we take your cosy comfort very seriously.  This winter you can safely do away with your partner and snuggle down in a genuine OODIE.  Yep, we've got the genuine article!  Winter snuggles have never been so cosy. But wait... there's more... add our famous S'mores Waffle Sundaes with home made fudge sauce, buttery popcorn and a new release DVD and we've brought the fun!

(7 Days Notice Required)

The Perfect Bath $24.00

At some point in your journey towards adulthood bathtime morphs from necessary evil to indulgent treat.

Grab a little "me" time and enjoy a soak in your spa tub with an assortment of products curated by Scrubba Body Products. Handmade, natural, vegan and fabulous.  We have 3 packs available to choose from: Bright & Uplifting, Calm & Relaxing and Healing & Soothing.

(48 Hours Notice Required)


Birthday Bash $80

Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! Are you taking your special someone away to celebrate another milestone?  Let us bring the party.  You'll arrive to balloons, local Sparkling Wine on ice and my fabulous homemade layered mud cake to leave you in sugar shock with as many candles as you please.  We'll make sure your partner feels super special.

(7 Days Notice Required)

High Tea for Two $70

Not just for the girls! A solution for lunch where you don't leave home and get to be a little classy all at once.  Tiers of sweet and savoury treats, gourmet teas and bubbles for two.  Enjoy out in the grounds, on your private deck or in your room.  Delicate sandwiches, warm quiche, brownies, macarons, lemon tarts... this is where I get to have fun in the kitchen!

(7 Days Notice Required)

Wander Where the Wifi is Weak $80

Big skies... green grass... & the sun on your face.  That's where we are blessed to call home. Simple pleasures that are all yours today.  We've loaded the picnic basket, have "table and chairs", a list of gorgeous locales to choose from.  All very worthy of your next Facebook or Instagram post.  So off you go...pose for the camera and make your family and friends jealous!

Picnic basket includes bottle of (your choice) Old Inn Road Verdehlo, Chambourcin or Rose and sweet and savoury goodies to get you through the day.

(7 Days Notice Required)