Copeland House is 15mins from Gloucester and sits up beside the Copeland Tops SCA.  A perfect basecamp to explore the World Heritage listed Barrington Tops and the greater Gloucester area.  Beautiful parks to walk, crystal clear rivers to swim, mountain trails to hike and rainforest walks to wander.  Here are some of our favourites.

Copeland Tops SCA - Mountain Maid Goldmine

We share our property boundary with National Parks & this natural wonderland. An environment with a canopy of red cedar, grey myrtles, shatterwood and other magnificent rainforest species and home to wildlife including microbats, possums, lyrebirds and wompoo pigeons. In October the fireflies come out and add another level of magic to this beautiful area.  There are guided tours on Wednesday and Saturday (that can be booked through National Parks) that take you through the historical gold mining area where you will see and touch artifacts from the past and walk on to learn a little about this amazing environment.  Or take the paths less trodden and head up the Hidden Treasure Trail for a walk through the rainforest or up the Basin Loop for an extraordinary visit to the ecotone.  A perfect way to walk off brekky.

Gloucester Falls 

The road to Gloucester Tops has 6 picturesque causeway crossings over the Gloucester River, crystal clear and where you can take a quick roadside dip to cool off.  But for a wilderness swimming experience take the Gloucester River walking track just inside the national park where you'll find walking trails, swimming, picnicking & wildlife.  At the very end of Gloucester Tops Road (and you're at the top of the mountain now) is Gloucester Falls, a series of cascades off the eastern section of world heritage Barrington Tops.  Here, you'll find high altitude wetlands, Gondwana forests and lookouts with spectacular views.  The walking trails will take you through deep green rainforests of ancient Antarctic Beech trees with tree fern groves & moss covered cascades not far from where the Gloucester River is born.  The rocky pools around the cascades offer walkers a refreshing plunge to cool off but you'll have to ask for the location of the secret path (it's a locally kept secret!)

Barrington Tops

Barrington Tops is part of the Mount Royal Range, which reaches a height of 1586m at Brumlow Top.  The Tops comprises a central alpine plateau with steep rugged ranges fralling away on all sides.  This wilderness area is part of the Gondwana Rainforests of Australia.  These rainforests are UNESCO World Heritage listed, thriving with plants and wildlife. The road across is well maintained dirt road with lots of walks and lookouts to see along the way. The Honeysuckle Walk, Thunderbolts Lookout, Polblue Swamp Track and the absolutely stunning Firs are a few.  With the right vehicle then your options only grow.  We have some great maps with all the highlights or simply put on your walking shoes and head out to explore.

Basin Loop Walk

For those who like to stretch their legs the Basin Loop track is the longest walking trail in Copeland Tops. The track will take you through dry rainforest to open forest that lines the ridge tops of the area.  It's 3.5kms uphill.  Now I see you cringing but I promise it's a meandering wander up.  You'll end up at the top of Scone Road...yep...all the way up there.  My favourite time is early Spring & mornings make you feel all alone in the world.  The wildflowers (nee weeds) are so pretty.  But see how the vegetation changes along the way from red cedars, giant stinging trees & strangler figs in the moister, more protected sections of rainforest, to Sydney blue gums & Craven grey box in the sclerophyll forest on the more exposed and drier ridges.  You'll come back down through the Ecotone.  Where it switches back to moister rainforest. There’s an abundance of birds, so take along your binoculars for birdwatching. Many of the park’s animals are nocturnal, but have been known to sometimes keep odd hours. Koalas can, of course, be seen at any time dozing off high up in the fork of gum trees, so keep your eyes peeled. I promise it's well worth the effort.  About 2 - 2.5 hours at a steady pace & stopping for all the little easter eggs along the way.

Woko National Park

You know how you never go out & enjoy what's in your own backyard?  Well that's how it was for us.  Took us 4 years & a solo travelling guest to discover this place.  Now, it's a firm favourite, a bit of a hidden gem & where I relocate all my excess bush turkeys to (so say hi to McSteamy when you see him for me).  A quietly running part of the Manning River trickles by...most beautifully maintained huge & always empty camp grounds...full on but worth every aching muscle bush walk.  If you're physically fit then grab your hat, some water & tick off the Cliff Walk. You're walking over a geological event where the cliff collapsed & crumbled not some hairy goat trail where you hang on for dear life.  View from the top is spectacular. Why not grab a picnic hamper and make a day of it?  & I'll leave the bath salts in your room for when you get back. 

Faulls Ridge Winery 

Faull's Ridge is a family vineyard overlooking the green paddocks & rolling hills of Gloucester.  They produce a very drinkable drop and invite you to enjoy intimate wine tastings and share plates made up of local produce.  Drop in for a relaxing afternoon in their beautiful garden & soak up the magnificent views as you enjoy Gloucester's finest wine experience.  A must do lazy afternoon 10min out of Gloucester.